Topcon Paver System 5

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Topcon's Paver System Five is the standard in the industry for Non-Contacting Screed Control for Asphalt Pavers.

System Five is a complete machine control package which includes Single or Dual Sonic Trackers, Slope Control and the optional Sonic Averaging System. You can also add Laser Receivers for projects in which Lasers can be utilized such as airport jobs.

It is easy to upgrade your Paver System Five to the latest 3D Machine Control... Millimeter GPS+ with Lazer Zone.

Paver System Five Features:

Your paving job will dictate which combination of Sonic Trackers, Slope Sensor, Laser Receivers or Sonic Averaging Systems you will use. Paver System Five is easy to configure to best fit each job whether you are paving roads, parking lots, runways or highways.

Control Boxes:

The System Five Control Boxes (one for each side of the screed) feature an easy to use interface for superior machine control with less effort.

  • • Large, backlit grade LCD
  • • Bright, multi-color LED's display continuous grade information
  • • Simple push button switches and grade knob operation
  • • Performance settings with secure access allows custom valve response tailoring for   optimum performance for your paver
  • • Upgradeable flash memory from a PC or laptop, in the office or in the field

Sonic Trackers:

Running with Dual Sonic Trackers to control both sides of the screed is the most widely used format of System Five.

  • • High-resolution sonics for application versatility. Use references such as: elevated      stringline, surface string, poured curbs, or existing surface
  • • Rugged cast housing with completely sealed internal electronics
  • • Easy to attach and position over reference
  • • Bright grade indication LED's display continuous grade information

Slope Sensor:

Mounted on the transverse beam at the back of the paver, the Slope Sensor can sense and maintain the proper cross slope of the screed.

  • • 100% slop capable
  • • Exclusive anti-slosh ceramic technology
  • • Completely sealed internal electronics
  • • Rugged cast housing

Laser Receiver:

When Laser are applicable to your job Topcon's Laser Reciever (s) lock onto the Lasers beam and control one or both sides of the screed.

  • • 360° gapless receiving
  • • Motorized trackerjack gets receiver on-grade quickly and "locks-on" to keep it there
  • • Bright grade indication LED's display continuous grade information
  • • Compatible with all Topcon lasers and most other lasers

Sonic Averaging System:

The optional Smoothtrac is a Non-Contacting System which replaces your mechanical ski.

Upgrade Paver System Five to 3D-Millimeter GPS+ with LazerZone

Paver System Five can be upgraded to the very latest technology available to the paving industry. When your project requires 3 Dimensional GPS Machine Control the Millimeter GPS+ with LazerZone is the solution.

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  • Manufactured by: Topcon

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